Saturday, May 12, 2007

A finished knitting project

Since Abi got her gift already, I'm going to post the pictures of the finished product. :) I knitted her a tank top, and before I sent it I tried it on (and it's a good thing too! I had to fix the neckhole...) and Moriah took some pictures of it.

This is an up close view of it, so you can kind of see the pattern. It was knit in ribbing, two separate pieces, then I sewed the front and back together at the sides and shoulders. The yarn I used was the Lion Cotton, and I don't know what # the color was, but it's navy blue. :)

I'll post the pictures of BethNell's birthday present later...I'm pretty sure she got it, but I want to make sure first. ;) Sorry I haven't posted in awhile....I'll hopefully have a poem to post later tomorrow or Monday, but I'm still working on it. :)

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