Friday, May 18, 2007

Another finished project, and some yarn!

Here's a picture of BethNell's birthday present. :) Moriah tried it on for me before I sent it, so I got a picture before she took it off:

It was made with some of the yarn I have pictured down was so easy to make, and I'm using the basic idea of the pattern to make something else right now. :)

Now, here's some pictures of my "organized" knitting stuff. :) This bag is what I use to hold all my "left overs" from finished projects.... :) And yes, that is an Old Navy bag.....but hey, I'm recycling! :D

This is my tote bag that I use to hold some of my smaller projects that I'm working on......
And this is where I toss all the larger projects, my patterns, knitting needles, get the picture. :) It's kind of messy....It always is! ;)

And now for my favorite part! :D This afternoon, Mom, Sarah, Karah and myself went to Hancock's and the library, and while at Hancock's (which, in case you didn't hear it from me, is going out of business, so EVERYTHING is on sale at least 50-80% off!! They'll close sometime in June, so right now, it looks like a ghost town, it's so bare...) I got 15 things of yarn that I need for projects, and also just because it was on sale and I actually had the money...for once! lol I also got some double-pointed needles, finally!! Previously, I've just used my circular (technically, most of my knitting needles are really Mom's, because she's letting me use them since she never does) needles when I needed dp's, but now I finally have *real* double-pointed needles! :D But anyways.....I also bought some pretty dark blue fabric for a maternity dress for my Mom, as kind of a Mother's Day/birthday present.....I'm not going to tell you how much I actually spent on all that, because you'll probably faint, but I did save over $55 on everything. :)
Here's some pictures of the yarn that I got (there's a few of the yarn I got a few weeks ago as well in the container, since I'm storing it there):

The top of my yarn container....on the right is some that I got today: Lion Brand Suede in Eggplant (very pretty purple) and in denim (Mom loves this one!). On the left is some that I got a few weeks ago: the white is some crochet cotton...not sure what I'm going to use it for...and the Lion Cotton that I used for Abi's present. :)
A side view....On the bottom is all my FunFurs, most I got today....the colors are: I have several in Deep Sea, then Cotton Candy, Copacabana (*grins* Sarah chose that one), Rainbow, Indigo, and I think the green and white one is Citrus, but I'm not sure.....Above them is the rest of the Suede yarns....

And on the bottom on this side, is the Microspun yarns that I got, in Fuchsia and Cherry Red....

And that's it! :) Oh!!! Now that I'm thinking of it, I remembered something important that I wanted to tell everyone! Well, you're just going to have to pop on over to my other blog to read about it.....I think I'll try to get Moriah to post about it when she posts later tonight....anyways, have fun!

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