Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some of the project I'm working on........

To start, here are a few of the projects I'm working on, or have finished recently. :) Enjoy!

This is a cross stitching project I finished this past winter..... I had it in the hoop (which was the frame as well), but I need the hoop for another project I'm working on so......

This is the yarn I am using for Moriah's poncho (don't worry, she already knows I'm making it..). It's a really nice yarn, and I hope I have some left over to make something else with! :)

The yarn I'm going to make a shawl out of for one of my penpals' birthdays. :) It's very soft!!

I bought some Fun Fur yarn when Mom and I went to Hancock's, and I'm using the Cotton Candy one to make Karah another scarf. :) She loves scarves!! lol

I'm also very slowly making progress on a baby set for Micah, for whenever he gets here.....this is the bottom edge of the sweater.......

I'm using my scrap material to make some quilt blocks that I'll put together to make kind of like a calico quilt. :) This square isn't finished, I still have one more outer border to sew on, but it'll look about the same as it does now. :) I love the cat fabric! :D

I'm also working on a poncho for Sarah.....I was supposed to have it done by St. Patty's Day, but now it looks like it'll have to be for her you can see below, I haven't gotten much done on it yet! lol

It's the same pattern I'm using for Moriah's poncho, here's an upclose view of it......

I'm making some baby doll scarves for karah's baby dolls (didn't I already say she loves scarves? lol) and this is one in progress, but almost finished.

I've also got two other projects I'm working on, but I can't post pictures of them yet. ;)


  1. Neato! :D Did you know you stole our knitting class name?!! *shocker* lol. J/k. But seriously, our knitting club is called the Knitwits. :D

  2. Really? Lol! Nope, I had no idea.....Uh-oh! I've commited a crime! *shocked gasp* lol

  3. o_0 You must have a LOT of patience! :) LOL How do you find time to work on so many projects at once!?

    And they're all sssooo nice!