Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I know....

My posting has been kind of sporadic recently.....but I've been really busy!! :)
Yesterday, Mom, Moriah, Josiah, Karah and I went to Wally World (it's been awhile! lol) to get some pictures printed, and while we were waiting, we looked through their fabric to see what they had. We had been planning to go to Hancock's afterwards to get material to make matching skirts for we girls, but while at Wally World, Mom found some really nice denim material for skirts, that already has the elastic in the waist, so all I have to do is sew the hem and side seam! Yippee!! :D I was NOT ready to start sewing with elastic, so this'll give me some time to grab some confidence for doing it. ;) Karah also got some material for a blanket, which she loves! I'll be posting pictures of the progress of the skirts and her blanket on my knitting blog so be sure to check it out later today! :)

This afternoon, I helped the boys burn some of the fallen tree limbs and bark, and some of the leaves. (you wouldn't believe how many leaves we still have left to take care of!!). We have a couple of dead trees, and every time we get a pretty bad storm, huge branches fall off of them. So we had to chop some of those up....Jeremy took care of that, while Judah and I got stuck finding all the little pieces of wood.....and poor Judah (who was in charge of the wheel barrow) kept running into roots, so it took us forever to get that done! lol While the stuff was burning, we played tag, which was really interesting...Jeremy tripped every one of us, but it was literally impossible for us to trip him! And then, in the middle of the game, Buddy came waltzing over, carrying one of the Easter eggs in his mouth!! Apparently we didn't find all of them like we thought we had, because in the week and a half since Easter, we've found at least ten more eggs in our yard! lol Well, when I saw the egg, of course I immediately grabbed it, but then I noticed another egg over to my right, and so did Jeremy, so we both raced for it, then the other two boys joined in. I got to it first, and had it in my hands, but all three of the boys tackled me, and somehow got it out of my hands. And Josiah and Judah ended up landing on my back...again! lol So now my back is sore......but it was worth it for the two pieces of chocolate I got to eat! :D

Alrighty, I'm off to start on the skirts.......Oh, and ignore the time that Blogger says I posted's actually 2:33pm right now. :)

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  1. lol! Oh, poor you! Or rather your poor back! lol. :) Hope it feels better!