Sunday, April 1, 2007

A bitty peek....

Into what I've been up to today. :) First, of course, was church, then lunch, but after that, I and some of the younger ones went outside and picked some flowers, and played in the backyard for awhile. I got quite a few flowers, so I made a bouquet of them and started taking pictures. :D Here's just a few of the pictures of my bouquet.....

There were so many I couldn't fit them all in a vase!! lol

A closer view of some of the flowers

An even closer view. :)

Not too many of the pictures turned out very, here are the rest of the pictures I took this afternoon/evening:

A self-portrait of myself.....

Then I started going around and taking "surprise" pictures. :) My favorite kinds.... Here are Sarah and Karah:

A shot of Jeremy, watching a Superman movie on tv..... (ick!)

Mommy's going to kill me, but here is a rare shot of my mom. :) After I took it, she gave me one of those "looks" was worth it though! :P

The younger boys have learned from past experience, and so are way too quick for my attempts to get surprise pictures of I had to settle for a pose. *wails* But at least I got them to look at the camera!! Josiah has the bat.....and Judah is the one with the sour look on his face...

I've been working on Samantha's letter :), working on some practice quilt blocks, knitting on a birthday present for a friend, listening to music, and just resting for the remainder of the day. :) Oh yeah, and checking forums, doing e-mails, and other stuff on the comp. too...but that counts as relaxation, right? ;)

I had so much I wanted to "write" down here, but now that I'm actually typing, I can't recall any of what I had to say! lol ....................Oh well...... :)

Oh, Sam, I've already gotten (not actually gotten them yet, but have them ordered) three books off of Paperbackswap!! :) Thank you so much for telling me about it!! And I hope they give your sisters account that credit soon!!

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  1. Oh, great! :) Glad you're enjoying it! :) Krista and I haven't checked her account yet, but we'll do it soon. :D