Friday, April 20, 2007

All the skirts are finished!!

Well, except for mine and my Mom's....I still have to sew the hem on them, because even though the bottoms are already sewn, the material has been rolling up, so we have to sew hems. But otherwise, they are wearable.....hehe, I've worn mine half of yesterday and all day today! lol And Sarah and Karah have been wearing theirs a lot too. :) This afternoon we went outside to take pictures of us in our skirts! :D

Ok, not a picture of the skirts, but you can see Karah's shirt that I made her, and the yellow blanket with red and teal flowers is the one she got when we bought the skirt material. :) She loves her blanket! lol

Jeremy took this picture of we girls and my Mom.....Mom is, of course, the one in the teal shirt, then Moriah, then myself, and Karah and Sarah are in front. :) Mom's skirt has slightly different material, but it's the same style as we girls.

We girls in ur back yard....Moriah on the right, then Karah, Sarah, and I'm in the back.

My Mom and my sisters....Mom wasn't too happy when I asked her to get down on the ground, so she only kneeled. :)

Moriah and Buddy! :D So cute together......hehe

And finally, Karah and Sarah. :)

I'll have some more pictures of some of my projects later on this coming week...and maybe I'll post some of one of my stories that I've been working on. :)


  1. You all look so pretty! Great work on the skirts!!
    *gawk* LOOK at that GREEN grass!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lol!! I hope you never wear a skirt too Chris! Lol

    I know! Our grass is soooo green! :D I love it!