Saturday, March 24, 2007

Flowers from our garden, and a few more pictures

The bud of a daffodil........

A butterfly I found in our small garden.....I didn't think I got any good pictures of it, but these two didn't turn out too blurry! :) Its an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. :) And yes, I did have to look it up, though I did know it was a swallowtail, just not the specific species. ;) Oh, and the flowers are miniature daffodils...

A pinkish daffodil in our backyard......

Two orangish daffodils also in our backyard...

Another pink one.....

Sweet little Karah! :) She let me put her hair up today in a bow.....she's so cute! :)

Me in my skirt!! This is the one Mom bought for me when we got your tea cup set Sam. :) The embroidery is pink flowers with gold sequins in between. :)

Our dogwood......

Our other dogwood.....

And some miniature daffodils.........

Enjoy! :)

Oh, and Moriah's team tied their first game today, 1-1. We didn't score until the second half, but we did manage to get one goal, and the girl who got the goal has never played soccer before! She's really good though, and almost made several more goals, but the goalie for the other team is really good (she used to be on our team, so we started to worry when we saw her go out to the goalie box! lol). Moriah did a good job. And made some pretty good passes and saves.....And somehow we all managed to come away with no sunburns! :) We were all scorched, but Mom treated us to Icees afterwards, so it wasn't so bad then. (of course!)
I've got to get working on my letter writing!!! I have six letters that need to be answered!! But I love writing letters so...... :) I'm just a procrastinator is all......

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our tea party

This past Saturday (St. Patty's day), I hosted a surprise tea party for my sisters. I had been planning it for awhile, and last week while I was getting their gifts finished, and the "invitations" I was having a real hard time hiding everything from them. I was getting a little tired of having to act like I wasn't doing anything every time they came near me, so you can imagine how glad I was when Saturday came! lol When I woke up on Saturday, (that was the day I was the sickest) I almost decided against having the tea party, and just post-poning it until a different day, but eventually decided just to go ahead with it. Mom took some pictures of all of us, then we each took turns with the camera. I think if we voted, we would unanimously decide that Sarah was the best photographer, capturing our expressions at the most humorous moments. lol :) (you'll see what I mean in the pictures!!) Moriah and Sarah were being very goofy and noisy, since I had a headache I was alternating between giggling at them and crossly telling them to quiet down and be ladies (yeah right!!), and Karah just sat there like a little lady, sipping her tea, holding her hands in her lap, and occasionally shouting over Moriah and Sarah to try to have a "comberstation." :D I could go on and on, but I'll spare you and let you just look at the pictures instead. :)

The "table" set up in mine and Moriah's room. I had planned to have it out on the screened-in porch, but since Saturday turned out to be chilly and we were all battling colds I decided to have it indoors. We had a teddy bear tea party. :) (hey, you're never to old for teddy bears! lol)

A close-up view of the tea cups and glasses. Mom bought the set of tea cups a week or so ago, and I love them! :) The glasses we've had for a long time...I think they were a wedding present to my parents.....

The teddy bears sitting guard over the tea pot. :)

We four girls.....please ignore my bed which was covered in all our dresses and stuff....

The tired hostess. :)


Karah. :)


During the tea party..............

One of Sarah's shots.....I hate having my picture taken while I'm eating/drinking!

I'll do the rest in a second post. ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some pictures

Here's some pictures from yesterday that I didn't manage to get uploaded until now. :)
Me and Karah just before bedtime....
Jeremy being
A self-portrait of Sarah, these last three pictures were taken by her. :)
I don't know who took this picture, but at least I know who the little girl is in the picture! ;)
Moriah and I found quite a few ladybugs in our backyard, so Moriah snapped some shots while I attempted to get as many on my hands at one time as I could. I only managed to get two on at the same time in the pictures, but I did at one point have three on my hands at the same time. :)
Two on my hands...please ignore my neglected fingernails...... :)
Buddy checking them out...he's a sucker for all bugs feminine! lol
Still checking them out........
One of our really neat daffodils......ours have already started coming out. :) Most of the ones we have are the traditional yellow, but we have had one or two like this one. :) This year already, we've had several vasefull of flowers gracing our home. :D

One of our traditional daffodils.... :)

Enjoy! :)

I'm going to be doing 9 posts on each of the fruits of the spirit (the "Joy" post is below.....I kind of got the first two fruits mixed up. lol) over the next week or so, but I'll also post pictures so worry not. ;) I hope you enjoy the Fruit posts as well! :D

Monday, March 12, 2007


I know I promised a post last evening, but I was feeling awful, and didn't want to have to deal with uploading the pictures, transferring them to both computers, then have to upload them to blogger......I *finally* caught that awful bug thats going around......thankfully I was ok yesterday morning, because I had Critterland (the 3-5 year old class) and those kids have all been through it at least once already. I'm sure their mothers would not have appreciated me passing it on to them again! lol Today I've had a sore throat, head ache, and am achy pretty much all over, and Mom has been the same, which isn't good! She bought some tea for sore throats, but of course it has some herbs in it that she has to avoid because of being pregnant, so she's downing Chai Spice tea instead, which has helped my sore throat as well. :) We also got some more Vitamin C, which we'd been out of for awhile (which is probably why we all are getting sick!) and some regular multi-vitamins.......we probably should have gotten peppermints to suck as well, but we were trying to hurry back home so we didn't think to get any.

Ok, enough talk about sickness! :) Here's some pictures I (and Moriah took the ones I am in) took yesterday.
My sweet, adorable little sister Karah! :) She and I went picking daffodils in our yard yesterday afternoon, and she was more than a little willing to pose for a picture. ;) She's a very willing (and cute!) little model for a three year old....sometimes she'll bring me the camera and beg me to take her picture! lol

Moriah and I trained with Buddy for a little while after Karah and I picked flowers......since I had the camera I figured I'd let you see how he does. :) Here, Moriah is having him lay down and stay, and apparently he was very happy. :) He was listening and obeying very well, and was definitely enjoying all the camera attention! ;)

Still laying down, and I think he was watching a fly.....he likes to jump up and try to catch flies with his mouth.....not a very appetizing snack!

My turn to train with him......sitting....and Karah decided to get in on it too, by walking around him so he'd have distractions, which he's gotten very good at ignoring. :) (that's my favorite skirt!! *smiles*)

Still sitting........he's a very photogenic dog! If only I had a cat....I could do portaits of him like the ones on our calendar! lol :)

Then I had him lay down and stay......

Laying down still, and loving the attention. :)

Me, Buddy, and Karah...the quality of this one isn't the best, but oh well.... :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! :) Here's a verse for today:

"For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless."

Psalms 84:11