Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Pictures of our snow...

These are a few pictures of when it snowed here last Thursday. It was still snowing when I took the pictures, so there was still a lot more snow that hadn't fallen, but i didn't feel like venturing back out there after having my snow cream. ;)

Buddy loved his first sight of snow!! :) He kept eating it off the ground, and staring up at the sky....he was soo funny! :) We didn't really go outside to play in it, but we kids did get to throw a few snowballs at one another. :D

Our front yard was covered. :) The houses you see are our neighbors' houses.

Jeremy was playing around with Buddy and throwing snowballs for him to catch. Buddy's in the background eating more snow. :)

Today has been mostly uneventful, unless you count the hours we've spent searching for my mom's keys!!! :( My mom needed to go to the store this morning, but when she went to get her keys off the hook, they weren't there! The last person who had them was Jeremy, but he can't remember what he did with them. *wails* She was able to use the spare van key to go to the store, but we still have to find her other keys......the house key, keys to the van and my dad's car, plus the one to the shed are all on it!! :( I, and everyone else, have looked all over the house, even behind the washer and dryer, yet we still can't find them. The boys looked around outside, and in the van and shed, but of course......no keys. Of course they'll probably turn up in a place that we least suspect them to be.... lol

This morning and afternoon, when I was done with school, and while I wasn't helping look for the keys or doing dishes, I cleaned out my desk and my trunk, and every other corner of our room that's mine. :D You can actually see the top of my desk, find the buckets of foam shapes in my trunk, see the floor under my bed, see the books on the bookshelf....you get the picture. ;) And that prompted Moriah to clean her corners, so now our whole room is spotless! :) We're both self-proclaimed neat freaks, so you can imagine just how clean our room gets when we finally decide to clean it! :D lol

I'm off to do.....well, I don't know what I'll do! Maybe get a package together for one of my penpals...I love putting together packages! :)

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