Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another great day :)

Today was even warmer than yesterday, so I have some more pictures of our outdoor fun...this time Sarah, Karah, and Judah accompanied Moriah and I. :) I may have to wait to post more later tonight, because we have to leave for a meeting at our church that our pastor requested the whole church to attend...I have no idea what it's for.....

Anyways....Here's the pictures. :D

First activity....tree climbing!! :) Did I mention we have the best (and, mom would probably say, safest *winks*) climbing tree ever? :)


Umm...I think this is's kind of hard to tell though....we're both wearing a blue shirt today (same shade too!!) lol Ok, I've decided it's Sarah. :)

Sarah again......

Karah, Myself, and Sarah climbing together...don't worry....we never let Karah go higher than where she's pictured. ;)

Next up, jumping rope and using Sarah's skip-it. :)

Karah...just watching.....and being cute. :)

Sarah jumping rope.......

Moriah jumping rope......

Me using the skip-it...

And finally, posing for each other on the front porch and carport/side wall.

Ok, those are going to have to wait until we get back from church...for now you can enjoy these! :) I'll be back!!


  1. Loved 'em. :) Exactly what is a skip it? lol.

  2. That is sarah, because she's wearing black jeans, and your wearing blue jeans, and if I remember correctly YOU took that picture, so I Don't thnk you could be on the tree at the same time.