Sunday, January 28, 2007

Landy, his wife Kelly, their daughter McKenzie who was also the adorable flower girl *grins*, and Aunt Trudy and Uncle Travis.

Aunt Trudy and Uncle Travis with his Marines....they were his ushers and they also did the sword arch, which was awesome!! :D My dad got a video of it, and I'm going to try to post it because it was funny! :)
My Uncle with just his Marines. Everyone was joking around that even though we had someone present from every branch of the military but the Coast Guard, we should say the Marines were our favorites, because there were seven, and all had swords!! lol

More wedding pictures....

Alright, this one should be of my Aunt Tammy, my Mom, Aunt Trudy, Uncle Travis, my Grandma, and Landy.....but the computer isn't letting me view it soo..... lol

This is my Aunt Tammy, my Mom, Aunt Trudy, Uncle Travis, and Landy.

My Aunt Tammy, Uncle Travis, and my mom. If my Uncle Leroy had been there, we would have had all the siblings there, but he wasn't able to come. :( You wouldn't think so to look at her with this picture, but my mom is the oldest of the four, then Aunt Tammy, Uncle Travis, and Uncle Leroy is the 'baby'. :)

This is another one I'm not able to view, but it should be Landy, his sister Suzie, Aunt Trudy, and Unlce Travis. :)

The wedding!!!!

I didn't get any pictures of the actual wedding ceremony, because dad was doing video clips of it, but here are some pictures from afterwards that dad snapped while the photographer was doing his work. :)

My uncle Travis and his bride, Aunt Trudy. He's a Marine, which is why he's in his uniform. And isn't her dress beautiful??!! :)

The wedding party. Left to right; aunt Chris (the matron of honor), Aunt Trudy, Uncle Travis, and Landy, the best man. (He's Navy..)

The priest who performed the ceremony with my aunt and uncle.

All the cousins together....

This was the best of the pictures of all of us cousins my uncle. ;)

Front, left to right; Judah, McKenzie, Karah, Sarah, Moriah, and Josiah.

Back, left to right; our cousin Landy, his wife Kelly, Jenny, Jeremy, myself, and Uncle A.J. We were missing Jenny's brother Andy (he had to work so he couldn't come down with them) and our cousin Travie (he also couldn't come). Other than those two, this is all the cousins on my mom's side of the family. :)

And more......

McKenzie and Judah again... This is my personal second favorite picture of the two of them together. ;)

My dad caught them holding hands!!! lol Such great cousins.......

Landy's sister Suzie and his daughter McKenzie.

More at my uncle's house....

Our cousin McKenzie. Isn't she cute?! :)

McKenzie loved playing with Judah! lol
My cousin Jenny. :)

Jeremy, and Jenny's mom and dad, also known as my Uncle A.J and Aunt Tammy (Aunt Tammy is my mom's younger sister).

Moriah with Landy and Kelly's puppy, Jezebel. I think mom said she's a toy cockapoo....She blends in with Moriah's shirt a Karah loved her! :)

At my uncle's house

Here's a few from Friday evening, when we were at my uncle's house with most of our family from mom's side.

This is (left to right) my grandma, aunt Chris (she's my cousin Landy's mom....but not really my aunt any more, we just call her 'aunt'...), and my new Aunt Trudy's mom. :)

My cousin Landy and his wife Kelly. He's holding their puppy. :)

Some pictures of the Chowan River, and a picture of the sky over a field. :) Sorry about the window reflection on some of them....I took them from inside our van while we were driving....

The trip to our uncle's house

For some reason, I can't view the first and last pictures, so this first one is either of Josiah (that was the ONLY picture I could get of him the entire trip!) or of Sarah and Karah, both are on our way to our Uncle Travis' house. :)

Jeremy and Judah....and I'm in the background, apparently giving Moriah instructions on how to take the Oh, and the bunny ears are me too. :D


We three girls (minus Moriah) in the back was pretty bumpy back there!
And this is the last I said before, I'm not able to view it, so I don't know which one it is! lol

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hannah and I

Here is Hannah's picture of when we dressed up as cowgirls and took each others picture
Here is my picture when we dressed up as cowgirls and took each others pictures.